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Did you ever need a Periodic Table, but the ones that you found didn't give you all the information you needed?
The Periodic Table I created may not have it all, but it does have the following:

  • groups labeled in standard notation (groups 1A-7A, 1B-8B, 0)
  • groups labeled in roman numerals (groups I-XVIII)
  • periods labeled in arabic numerals (periods 1-7)
  • mode lewis dot structures of the representative elements (groups 1A - 7A)
  • element classifications (alkali metals, metalloids, noble gases, etc.)
  • electron configuration of each element (in noble gas notation)
  • atomic mass, atomic number, element symbol, and the name of each element
  • element radioactivity
  • freezing/boiling points of each element
  • electronegativity of each element
  • lots of color
  • and much more...

    My name is Daniel Haskin. I created the Periodic Table because I could not find any one periodic table with all the information that I wanted to have; I therefore compiled and created from scratch the following periodic table.


    The Goods

    periodic table in Portable Document Format (pdf). You should be able to view this format from the internet if you have acrobat reader or some other pdf viewer.
    periodic table in Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet Format(".xls" format), colorfull but black-and-white friendly


    come on, now. do what you want.